The Scotish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) serves as a comprehensive guide for language learners and educators, establishing a standard for assessing language proficiency.Language proficiency is divided into three levels:basic (Levels 2-3), intermediate (Levels 4-5), and advanced (Levels 6-7). The framework evaluates various language skills, encompassing reading and listening comprehension, writing, and speaking. The SCQF provides a globally recognized foundation for comparing proficiency across languages

LEB Level Descriptor

B1 – Intermediate

At the B1 level, learners will have reached an intermediate stage, signifying a transition from pre-intermediate skills. This level represents a significant step forward from the previous stages, as learners become capable of more varied communication and engagement.


Certificate and Transcript of Record

LEB transcends conventional language assessments for non-native speakers by providing globally recognized certificates. These certificates not only facilitate access to education and career advancement but also furnish a personalized score description. This detailed feedback offers an extensive analysis of the test taker’s performance, spotlighting strengths and areas for enhancement. LEB is dedicated to nurturing ongoing improvement, ensuring that each assessment contributes to honing English language proficiency and unlocking international opportunities.
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